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Scott Letourneau
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Your FREE Discovery Call Covers:

  • The factors that impact the entity type that is best for your situation [most attorneys and CPAs don't get this right].
  • ​The impact of the circle of liability on your personal assets, even if you form a separate LLC or corporation. 
  • When two state fees make sense for your risk level.
  •  Why state residency of ownership and management matters. 
  • ​ The impact of sales tax nexus on your formation.
  • ​When is your home state not the best option for formation.
  • ​How to structure your company to maximize funding opportunities.
  • ​Selling on e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, what are your options to be protected?
  • ​The importance of protecting your entity veil. 
  • ​E-commerce checklists for Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.
  • ​The potential impact of our $6,000 + in business growth and compliance bonuses for your new formation. 

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  • 6 & 7 Figure E-Commerce Sellers
  • ​Non-Residents 
  • Real Estate Investors 

  •  Entrepreneurs Expanding
  •  Investors 
  •  Partnerships
  • ​ CPAs and Attorneys 
  • Successful U.S. residents 
  •  High-Level Assets to Protect
  •  Affiliate Partners  

World Class Support and Bonuses Included - $6,000 + Value


World-Class Support

Our team is highly trained on complex issues from U.S. sales tax compliance to taxation and entity strategies. We use Zendesk for your e-mails (tickets) and our team will respond to your questions, queries, and needs very quickly. Each order is carefully evaluated before filings.


Access To Our Vetted Professional Resources

NCP is partnered with the best of the best in the areas of taxation, sales tax, bookkeeping, tax treaties, trademarks, legal, and much more.


NCP Members Training

This includes steps to help you with completing your entity record book, operating agreement, issuing membership interests or stock certificates, minutes of meetings and resolutions, capitalization, protecting IP, immigration, U.S. tax laws, and so much more.

Our training includes our launch with confidence video training for establishing a U.S. entity with steps for capitalization and accounting.


Important Notifications And Updates

You will receive timely updates throughout the year for your U.S. tax responsibilities, sales tax changes, or other important deadlines to keep you in compliance.

We are the only company that provides updates in order to expand your e-commerce business to other platforms to grow your business.


Walmart Launch Checklist

Walmart is a coveted marketplace to grow your U.S. e-commerce business. Our checklist will walk you through the steps before formation, which type of entity will be approached, which tax forms to complete, how to complete your Walmart set up to give yourself the best chance of being approved by Walmart.


Amazon Transition Checklist

We will share the steps to update your Amazon Seller Central account with your new entity information, address, and EIN so as not to trigger a suspension of our account.

The Massive Advantages of a Complete LLC or Corporation Formation:

  • Reduces your IRS audit Risk
  • Separates your personal and business assets
  • Builds trust with your customers
  • ​Lowers your audit rate vs. operating as a sole proprietorship
  • ​It helps you build business credit
  • ​Leverage joint ventures and strategic partners with U.S. companies

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